February 18, 2018

The Fur Ball and Beyond

Raven’s Pet Care had the privilege of sponsoring a table last night at the Fur Ball, presented by Zionsville Country KennelĀ  in support of the Humane Society for Boone County. It was held at The Cardinal Room at Golf Club of Indiana. The place was packed and we had a great time. It was festive and fun and raised a lot of money for the Humane Society. We wish them well in their new building as they continue to provide valuable resources for the community.

The event had great food, door prizes, and a silent and pubic auction that had people clambering to get in the final winning bid. It was great to see so many eager to help raise funds for such a worthy cause. Patti Spitler from WISH T.V. presided as the Queen of the Mardi Gras and announced the winners of the jester contest as well as handed out door prizes. Sheriff Mike Nielsen was also in attendance, and he spoke to the addition of an animal control officer for the county. We would like to urge all those with animals to attend the upcoming March meeting to see and hear exactly what role the officer will play and what ordinances they are referring to as this will affect us all. It is very important to get involved and let your voices be heard on this matter. We will post links on our FB and Twitter accounts as we learn more about this.

On a more personal note, Raven’s Pet Care has begun taking applications for a new part/full time position as our service continues to thrive here in Boone County. Plans are being worked out for the doggy daycare here on our property as well, and we are hoping it is up and running by the end of spring.

We would like to once again say thank you to all those that support us and continue to help us thrive and grow as both a small business and as small business owners. We love the friends we have made and the people we continue to meet and talk with everyday. Please remember to be good to one another and to your fur babies. Don’t forget to check vaccination records this time of year, and anything else that your fur family needs to be safe and healthy. Take nothing for granted. This is the time of new growth, of life shaking free from the bonds of winter. Get out and enjoy it, and be safe.

So for now, I will leave you with the hope that you are all well, happy and prepared for the joy and wonder of springtime in Indiana.

January 30, 2018

Wild Bird Feeder Month

As we have done in the past and always strive to do, we like to, from time to time, touch on topics that may be overlooked or taken for granted. In this blog, I would like to talk about creatures that bring us joy and entertainment while we gaze out our kitchen windows sipping our morning coffee. That’s right- birds!

Whether you are fond of Purple Martins, Big, Red-Breasted Robins, Cardinals (our state bird, by the way), Barn Swallows or Chimney Swifts, birds bring us pleasure with their colors, songs, and their sheer, ever-changing numbers and varieties.

Birds are most active in the mornings, that’s why they are such a treat to sit and watch and listen to as we get ready for our busy day. Spring, Summer, and Fall, our feathered friends are active, happy, and well fed. But the winter months prove to be less fruitful for our friends. They must travel great distances to forage for food and shelter.

February is National Wild Bird Feeder Month. It is a month where berries and seeds are scarce. What we like to do is build our own bird feeders from recycled materials we use everyday. These can be old soup cans, two-liters, milk jugs, whatever you can find that will hold bird seed. We place in the back yard along the tree line. We take them out on trails and hang them near water sources. It gives the birds a nice, unexpected treat, helps them out until spring, increases their populations along foot paths, and brings us a great deal of joy being able to help and view the birds in months where it is not always so easy to do so.

So, if you’re out and about this February, and feel inclined to help out our feathered little friends, ( and recycle some household waste while you’re at it), build a bird feeder, fill it up with sunflower seeds or whatever wild bird seed you choose, and go hang it outside on a tree, or the side of your barn or garage. The birds will love it and you will too, as you get to enjoy your morning coffee while being serenaded with bird song.

19 Beautiful DIY Bird Feeders



January 26, 2018

Excited for the future

Hello every one. We haven’t had a chance to blog for a bit, but that is because we have been so busy getting out and working with so many new clients from around Boone County. It really makes our job fun to be able to meet new pets and new people every week.

Recently, we have had an influx of clients from the Anson area, and we couldn’t be happier that our services are providing piece of mind for those of you that are on the Eastern edge of the county. Our service area spans from Jamestown to Thorntown, from Lebanon to Zionsville, and all spots in between.

Since our last blog, we have added a new member to our team. Mary has been a valued addition to the Raven’s Pet Care family, and she is doing a tremendous job. The pets and the clients really enjoy her service and dedication to providing quality pet care for your fur babies.

Spring is right around the corner and we are happy to announce our plans for a Doggy Day Care here on our three acres near Advance. This will not be a boarding facility, but rather a place for your dogs to come and play for the day while you are busy with work, errands, or just life in general. We will still be providing our same services but will also offer the option for those clients that would prefer pet care outside of their homes. A shuttle service will be offered by us to pick up and return your dogs, or you can drop off and pick them back up yourselves. We are starting small to begin with, hoping to gauge interest and customer responses before we expand into a bigger facility. Please drop us a message or and email and let us know if this is something you would like to discuss further. We are hoping to be open mid-spring. Very exciting.

Aside from all the work around here and plans being finalized, we also have time to play. Between our dogs, cats, chickens, and ducks, we have plenty to keep us busy and entertained. We feel very fortunate to be doing what we do every day and to have so many wonderful clients that trust and depend on us to help care for their loved ones. It is our sincere hope that we get to do this for years to come and to meet many new and interesting people and pets along the way. As always, thank you for allowing us into your homes and lives, it is such an incredible journey.