Wild Bird Feeder Month

As we have done in the past and always strive to do, we like to, from time to time, touch on topics that may be overlooked or taken for granted. In this blog, I would like to talk about creatures that bring us joy and entertainment while we gaze out our kitchen windows sipping our morning coffee. That’s right- birds!

Whether you are fond of Purple Martins, Big, Red-Breasted Robins, Cardinals (our state bird, by the way), Barn Swallows or Chimney Swifts, birds bring us pleasure with their colors, songs, and their sheer, ever-changing numbers and varieties.

Birds are most active in the mornings, that’s why they are such a treat to sit and watch and listen to as we get ready for our busy day. Spring, Summer, and Fall, our feathered friends are active, happy, and well fed. But the winter months prove to be less fruitful for our friends. They must travel great distances to forage for food and shelter.

February is National Wild Bird Feeder Month. It is a month where berries and seeds are scarce. What we like to do is build our own bird feeders from recycled materials we use everyday. These can be old soup cans, two-liters, milk jugs, whatever you can find that will hold bird seed. We place in the back yard along the tree line. We take them out on trails and hang them near water sources. It gives the birds a nice, unexpected treat, helps them out until spring, increases their populations along foot paths, and brings us a great deal of joy being able to help and view the birds in months where it is not always so easy to do so.

So, if you’re out and about this February, and feel inclined to help out our feathered little friends, ( and recycle some household waste while you’re at it), build a bird feeder, fill it up with sunflower seeds or whatever wild bird seed you choose, and go hang it outside on a tree, or the side of your barn or garage. The birds will love it and you will too, as you get to enjoy your morning coffee while being serenaded with bird song.

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